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Birthday Reminder



Birthday Reminder

Birthday Reminder will alert you to birthdays you need to remember, in advance of those dates. The reminder box looks like this:

Clicking the Options button allows you to manage the birthdays, choose how far in advance you want to be reminded for each, which icon you'd like to use for that person, and set other options. You can sort the data by each of the columns below.



The following languages are available:

To start using the translation, download the file above, unzip it, and put the strings.ini in the Birthday Reminder data directory - to find this click Start and then type %appdata%, click OK, and then double-click on the Zhorn Birthday Reminder directory. The next time you run the app, it will use the translation.

Interested in creating a new translation? Download the English version of the file, and edit it in Notepad. When you're finished, please send me the file so that I can share it with others!



Download Birthday Reminder 1.70 setup program (116k)

Also available is Birthday Reminder v1.23 pre-packaged for use as a portable application, for use on a pen drive. This has been provided by Simeon - if you have any comments for him, get in touch with me on the contact page and I'll pass them on.

BirthdayReminderPortable.exe (231k)

Version 1.70
11th November 2012

  • The reminder window can now be minimised
  • Translations are now possible


Version 1.65
24th September 2012

  • "Print this year" button added
  • Only birthdays with a known age will now have an age printed
  • Date entry control made wider, so that the year is always visible
  • Item count added
  • New type, "Event with start date" (for wedding anniversaries!) added


Version 1.61
16th January 2011

  • Increased two digit years to four digits (11 becomes 2011)
  • Options are now saved when the dialog is closed by the window frame close button
  • Improved the sample reminder text in the Edit Person dialog


Version 1.60
29th November 2010

  • Has an Import button to match the Export button
  • Added printing of next calendar year's worth of monthly calendars with birthdays
  • New type of record for those with an unknown birth year


Version 1.40
2nd November 2008

  • New "Export" button to export all birthdays, each reminder setting, and current ages and dates to a CSV file.


Version 1.30
16th June 2008

  • Data file is now stored in the profile by default rather than in the installation folder, which defaults to the Program Files folder.

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