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    Code ideas



Stickies API code ideas

These are some ideas which have been submitted by users as requests for Stickies features. They've not made it into the main program, but are all quite possible using the API. Perhaps you want to use one as a idea to get you started? You know you'll make at least one Stickies user happy!

  • Colour code incoming network stickies according to their sender

    Is it possible to colour code incoming stickies ? To have different colour stickies assigned to certain friends.

    Uwe Eisel, 13th July 07

  • Sort lines of text on a sticky alphabetically

    My feature request would be a "sort selected lines" function. Quite often I use stickies to copy different words or statements into one sticky - and it would be quite handy (and also I think it shouldn't be a big deal to implement :-> ) being able to sort the stuff.

    Andy Poehlmann, 12th July 07

  • Put the working time on stickies

    Would it be possible to put a working digital clock on Stickies?

    Myron, 27th July 07

  • Tiling stickies on screen up as close as possible to each other

  • Automatic backups of the stickies.ini file on a schedule as defined by the user

  • Internet synchronisation

    Have you ever thought about making some kind of internet sync-ing version (e.g. all stickies are stored on a server somewhere, downloaded whenever Stickies is started and automatically stored to the server). I work from multiple computers and would love to have this functionality.

    Tommy, 8th August 07

  • Sticky aging

    I have some tasks that come up once in a while. What I would like is if I could have a sticky that would change color based on time. Basically, the sticky would ripen indicating that it is becoming more urgent.

    Richard Haubrich, 9th August 07

  • Position change when screen resolution changes

    I have a laptop which I dock occassionally to a screen which has a larger resolution than my laptop screen. When this happens, my stickies are either in the middle of my screen, or falling off the edge. Is there any way to configure stickies to move the windows automatically when the resolution changes? Say, horizontally by a certain number of pixes? Or, anchoring one point to the edge of the screen, and placing all the stickies in relation to that one point which changes location?

    Alexander Shenkin, 1st February 08

  • Archive all closed stickies to a file

    Whenever a sticky is closed by the user, copy the contents to a file or folder, just in case it's ever required again. Leaving too many closed stickies in the app will lead to performance problems. Suggested by izmo in the forum

    izmo, 5th February 08

  • Colour code stickies depending on their screen position

    If the colour self set itself, depending on where the sticky is on the screen (e.g. all stickies in the top 30% of the screen are yellow, middle 30% pink, bottom 30% yellow, or with graduation) - that would allow clustering according to importance, with colours automatically adjusted.

    Rolf Endres, 26th April 08

  • POP mail to Stickies

    Is it possible to add a feature for reading mails coming into your own mailbox and stick them on the screen? That feature would need a few parameters: POP server, mail address, password, and maybe some subject filter (to avoid spam). You may ask: what for? Having this, I could make a special mail account for todo_tasks@somemail.org or just get word-of-the-day from dictionary site. Hmm what about reading a few mailboxes...
    Suggested by zbign in the forum.

    zbign, 16th July 08


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