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Artisticky - 3 row horizontal

by OwenKL

Date: 17/11/2015
Downloads: 961


An art sticky made especially for images. Every Sticky drawing function is here in a convenient-to-use form.

Landscape-3 is recommended for pictures up to 225 pixels wide.
Landscape-2 is recommended for pictures 335 pixels or longer.
Portrait-3 is recommended for pictures up to 225 pixels high.
Portrait-2 is recommended for pictures 335 pixels or taller.

This version should be considered a beta, so please email with any bugs, questions, suggestions, or requests!

Hovering over an icon will get a tooltip telling what it is, though not always what it's for.
-- The man in the top-left corner is for a quick switch between landscape or profile. He's also there (but invisible) on an update to my Dockable skin.
-- The rainbow frame sets the background color for the eraser or deleted areas, the rainbow cutout sets the pen color.
-- When there is an image in the clipboard, the paste icon [V] used on text will insert the image. If there is no text, or in image mode, [V] will replace everything with the image.
-- Some image buttons would crash stickies if used in text mode, so only the ones that work on text will show then.
-- The gray corner triangle sets the line widths. In text mode, it does nothing except note minimum size.
-- I set these up before realizing there is no rotate 180 command, so that icon just does 90. You'll have to press it twice. :(
-- Stickies have several I/O options, I stuck with the simplest: file load (image files only), save to file (text or image), and store in Sticky's archive.
-- There are a thin hidden sleep button 25% of the way across the bottom, and index at 75%. For compatibility with my Dockable skin.
-- There is no way to switch from image to text mode. Not even [Undo]!