Stickies Skins

Skins change the way that notes look, and the buttons available. To create your own skin, use Stickies Skinner


by RLD


Date: 24/02/2017
Downloads: 1003
Includes stack skin: Yes


'FF&F ... 1' REV C <30KB each
Minimum Vertical Screen Pixel Heights = 23/38 Pixels.
Minimum Horizontal Screen Pixel Width = 288 Pixels.
Stack, Scroll Bar Button - Toggle ON/OFF, Vapor NOTE Text Entry Button.
1. Contains 14 buttons in the Title bar, (CLOSE) plus 9 hidden, (TITLE, SLEEP, RECUR, TOP, LOCK, ALARM, ATTACH, ROLL-UP/UNROLL) plus 4 sub-level Stickie state buttons). (TOP, LOCK, ALARM/ACTIVE, ATTACH/JOINED)
2. Bottom of Page can be dragged-up to the bottom of the Title Bar leaving one "Vapor NOTE" visible. (Text Mode)
3. Page Footer contains: CREATION DATE, MODIFIED DATE, STACK, ALARM TIME, NW SOURCE, NW SENT TO, Vapor NOTE Button for User entered Vapor NOTE text, (None Store with "Save As") Toggle SCROLL-BAR Button, Indicators: TEXT ABOVE, TEXT BELOW, TEXT ABOVE & BELOW, NETWORK SEND OK (5 Seconds) and E-MAIL SEND OK (5 Seconds), also Series-color(...)-Form-Revision-Release date Indicator, (Text Mode until Over-layed by above Indicators) and DELETE STICKIE Button (Image Mode).
4. Scroll Bar contains LEVER, PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN and SCROLL UP/SCROLL DOWN Buttons.
5. TITLE may contain up to 129 +/- chars.
6. Vapor NOTE may contain up to 129 +/- chars.
"General" Section - REQUIRED: Confirm sticky closure' = CHECKED
"General" Section - PREFERRED: "Double-clicking the title bar" = "does nothing'
"General" Section - RECOMMENDED: "Snap distance:" = 10, "Snap gap:" = 2
"New stickie defaults" Section - REQUIRED: "New stickies have scrollbars" = CHECKED
"New stickie defaults" Section - REQUIRED: "User 1, 2 and 3" = NO-CHECK
"New stickie defaults" Section - RECOMMENDED: "Text"/"Height" = 154
The various colors may work well for the particular application, i.e. Lavender for Grandma, Gray for Grandpa, Green for Money, etc. You can match the Stack color with the Stickie color or the Stickie color with the Stack color.