Stickies Skins

Skins change the way that notes look, and the buttons available. To create your own skin, use Stickies Skinner


by Eriol

Date: 06/03/2012
Downloads: 5609


Many change form previous version 1.0 (see below too)
- removed unwanted size arrows between tools (using dummy button, thanks to Cynthia for hint)
- added "sleep" and "send multiple" tools
- removed "new sticky" tool
- some tools repositioned
- text/image tools repositioned to center of note
- much graphical changes (tool icons, scrollbar, tool bars, and others)
- only 1 version (thanks to graphical changes, no need for two versions)

Omnia is a skin with simple paper-note look, but rich of functions. Particularly:
- The note without focus is simple
Text buttons and image buttons are on a single row that appear only when note has focus. Image buttons appear only if note is set to image (the note must be empty to convert to image).
- There are buttons for many text functions and almost all image functions
- Scrollbar work perfectly :-)
- 2 Versions
There are 2 versions of Omnia skin: OMNIA and OMNIA Yelow.
Both has buttons icons with trasparent background, then you can set the colour background that you like (but you get good results only with light colors! Sorry but this is caused from lack of alpha trasparency support in stickies).
OMNIA Yellow is the "symple choice", this skin use the same yellow background as default stickies style, then choose this if you like this color and dont think to change it.
OMNIA skin instead use a less brighter yellow background and is better if you want use different style/colour background at same time.
Both Omnia skin ask to change default style, and i strongly suggest to accept this for best look (this change default color background and character style to comic sans serif 10 points black - remember that you can change this or restore to default from option panel)
Also i strongly suggest to set these RGB colors for your first 4 styles background. These colors look very good with OMNIA skin (you can use them with OMNIA Yellow too, but icons will have a yellow tone and border):
Yellow light: 240/240/175 (default)
Blue light: 205/225/255
Green light: 205/240/205
Pink light: 245/215/245
Note that you can set this 4 styles with specific skin buttons 0-1-2-3 directly inside note.

Omnia get much inspiration for look and basic design from skin Yellowstickiesplus by M. Molinsky. By some way Omnia can be considered a strong improvement of this skin. Then much thanks Molinsky for your work!