Stickies Skins

Skins change the way that notes look, and the buttons available. To create your own skin, use Stickies Skinner

One click

by Viorel

Date: 19/11/2019
Downloads: 79


Reading the content below will help you understand the purpose of this skin.
I created it for my own use, it may not fit to your needs...but if it does, that shall be the reason you find it here.

Not recommended to use it as default skin, it has limited features and also difficult to move it around your screen.
Its purpose is to be used at the TOP of the screen and when it's rolled up, just one yellow dot can be seen, if the content is locked.
Very useful when you need to access fast (one click) and regularly specific data.
Can be moved from the top right corner, but it's a very little area to grab it. The reason is I don't want them moved by mistake, as they are intended to remain in their places, at the top of the screen (all the time), almost hidden.

If proper arranged on the top left corner, you will get this:
Bottom left corner - Start
Bottom right corner