Stickies Skins

Skins change the way that notes look, and the buttons available. To create your own skin, use Stickies Skinner


by John Smith adapted and combined from several others.


Date: 09/07/2010
Downloads: 2045


Intended configuration:
Drag it to dock on the side of the screen, drag the side to make it as narrow as possible and then roll it up holding the Shift key. Unroll it and drag the edge and the bottom to the desired opened size. Rolled up, it will sit there taking up minimum space. When you want a Quick Look, click the unroll button, take a peek and click the roll up button again, all without moving the mouse.

There are two Roll Up buttons. One slides over the other on the minimum width so that you can Unroll for a "quick look" then roll up again without moving the mouse button. Click Look Click Close. This works whether the sticky is docked on the left or right side of the screen. (Of course you could have the unroll where you like.)

The title runs over the top of the buttons so that more of it can be read when it's dragged to its minimum width.

There is a button on the left to change the colour of the title for emphasis.