Stickies Skins

Skins change the way that notes look, and the buttons available. To create your own skin, use Stickies Skinner

Warning 2.2.4 Read designernotes!

by Sandiger

Date: 24/01/2010
Downloads: 1895


2.2.4 Update: Button: New Skin
Warning - (Update):
Using opacity with this skin is an absolute No-No like all other skins, useing regioncolor. (Explaining: Regioncolor makes that parts of the skin are dissapearing. They are used to round the corners or to realise iconising.) Useing stylesetting with this skin is still problematik, but there is a good workaround. First restart this skin (doubleklick at the *.ssk-File if associated to stickies), Change the stylesetting to your needs, and the restart this skin (doubleclick the *.ssk-File) again. I think this will avoid freezing the computer.

Freesing occures always if opacity is used with this skin. The other situation, freesing occures is, if stylesetting is used after iconising/rollingup/rollingdown or if iconising/rollingup-down is used after stylesetting without restart of this skin beween iconising/rolling and stylesetting.

To avoid these problems, this skin must be restarted bevore stylesetting and restarted after stylesetting, the it seems - so my expeariance till now - that freezing can be avoided.
Update2.2.3.1 Warningtext changed. Scrollbuttons moved to center
Update2.2.3: Backgroundcolor will be shown in the rolling up button.
Update 2.2.2: New Fuktions: Hide All, Page-up-down,

WARNING! This skin is broken but could even be usefull if you like iconising.
Don't use opacity with this skin and don't use the stylesettings 0...9. Your computer may freeze.
(see Warning-update: If you restart skin bevor useing stylesettin and directly after useing stylesetting it seems that the freezingproblem can be avoid.)

If you had used opacity, the a 'restart' of the skin (doubleclick at the *.ssk file if associated to stikies) will heal this.

If your computer become freezed, I may be defreezed, if you click very fast about 50 times the left mousebutton (it's not a joke it's just a help). If you then 'restart' the skin (doubleclick at *ssk-file if associated) or if you change the skin, the problem is solved for this time. If you will select the stylesettings use my skin 2.1.51.ssk. After that you can switch back to 2.2.ssk (with the orange titlebar) if you like.

Description (please read):
The intention was to put as much useful funktions into the skin without wasting place. So I just only divided the place of the obligatory 'normal' titlebar, used the upper side of the title as titlebar to show the title and have the lower side free for all my colourfull buttons. At the left side bottom you'll find some buttons to lock a stickie, make stickie an attachment, set an onetime alarmtime or an recurrency alarmtime, send a sticky to sleep for a while, check the alarmbell, show the properties off the stickey and at last a button to switch off the complet stickieapplication. This is required if you check the alarmbell and have set the 'bellingtime' to 9999 Minutes and don't want to wait 9999 Minutes till the bell stops, you have to switch off the application to stop sounding. Don't forget to start stickies again. At the upper right-side you'll finde a white triangel to hide the most of the buttons. This makes the skin to look a little bit more smooth like a stickie, you have more place at the taskbar to move it and of cause the title has much bigger fonts. Chose youself when you'll like which setting. Additionally the white triangle faded out the closebutton, the swichoff-button and the alarmtoncheck-button. This is for protection of undeliberate clicks if you use the stickie as a stickie (or a readingruler or what else..). If you attach a stickie or if you set the alarmtime of a stickie the closebutton is shown in the inverse colour to warn you, not to close that stickie otherwise you'll lose the attachment or you'll not be alarmed. The inverse picture of the closebutton neither doesn't prevent you from closing the stickie nor enables you to use the closebutton if the closebutton is
switched off by the white triangle. So don't be fooled if you see the inverse button and it's disabled by the white triangle. Like it or hate it - have fun ;-)