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H12B Stickies

Created by Cynthia on 01/11/2013

11 Downloads Last Week
13968 Downloads Total

Web link: none

Size: 6.7kb

Download: h12bstickies.ssk


Designer notes:
2013 update: The skin now shows focus, the title was enlarged, and other small changes were made.

Happy Birthday, Stickies! You are twelve years old.

This skin owes its existence to Pixel Notepad seen at deviantart.com.

There are buttons between the first few rings....you will find them by their mouse over images and their tool tips. At the bottom of the skin, you will be able to toggle between the creation date and the modified date. An edit title button is found to the left of the title near the left edge. A roll up button is found to the right of the title just southeast of the first ring.

A roll down button is found at the top and center of the rolled icon.

Indicators will show up when the sticky is e-mailed or sent via a network successfully.

Hope you will enjoy using this skin as much as I enjoyed creating it for Stickies.


Staff notes:


focus, user 1, always-on-top, alarm, read only, attached, transmit ok, email ok, scrollbar required


user 1, ontop, manage, options, set alarm, lock, attach, edit title, rolled

Includes a Stack skin: No Scrollbar: Yes

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