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Created by OwenKL on 17/11/2015

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Web link: none

Size: 2.8kb

Download: hilite.ssk


Designer notes:
Special request by johnberry who wrote in the forum on 04/29/2015 : "I am not using the sticky in the usual way, I am using it as a quick to move, translucent highlight marker, over a number in a long list of numbers. this allows me to find it quickly and move it quickly."

Since designing this, I've also found it useful for masking part of the screen (my favorite jigsaw program has the exit button on the playing field, and I don't know how many times I've hit it by accident!) and for certain types of reminder notes!

This sticky is designed with only 16 pixel minimum height and width, so that it can be stretched into a long narrow shape to highlight either a row or column, say, on a spreadsheet. To move it, it can be grabbed anywhere except the edges in the top 55 pixels (the height of 3-5 lines of text); and wide edges allow it to be stretched easily from either side or the top -- and the bottom too if it is over 55 pixels high.

Opaque while being moved, it will dissolve to whatever color and transparency you set once it loses focus. The only visible marks are four dots (2 light and 2 dark), indicating the location of the controls, and a warning indicator if it is not set to stay always on top.

The controls are arranged in three rows to be maximally accessible from either a vertical or horizontal aspect. They will display only when the mouse rolls over them.
-- 2/3 of the top row is the close button, the other 1/3 is the on-top toggle.
-- The second row has buttons for 4 styles (9 thru 6) that you can preset for your choice of color and transparency.
-- At the right of the second row is a button to set the color.
-- The third row sets the transparency level.
-- At the right end of the third row is a button to set a title. This button is only available while the sticky has focus!
-- The right-click menu from the top portion of the sticky gives access to all of these functions, plus an option to save a style for future use.

Oh, and the area below 55 pixels can be used to make notes, too!

Staff notes:


focus, always-on-top


apply style 9, apply style 8, apply style 7, apply style 6, colour, go opaque, go 10% transparent, go 20% transparent, go 30% transparent, go 40% transparent, go 50% transparent, go 60% transparent, go 70% transparent, go 80% transparent, go 90% transparent, edit title, close, ontop

Includes a Stack skin: No Scrollbar: No

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