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I roll up very small

Created by George on 15/04/2014

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2513 Downloads Total

Web link: none

Size: 26.9kb

Download: rollsupverysmall.ssk


Designer notes:
This skin has two toolbars. One for text and one for images. This sticky will roll up very small and has on top and locked indicators while rolled up. I like my sickies locked and not on top. So if I forget to do that I will get a small red indicator on the edge of the rolled up sticky.

Staff notes:


user 1, read only, always-on-top, user 2, image


bold, italic, underline, larger font, smaller font, colour, align center, align left, align right, font, new sticky, store sticky, options, manage, set sticky skin, properties, apply style 0, apply style 1, apply style 2, apply style 3, apply style 4, apply style 5, apply style 6, apply style 7, apply style 8, apply style 9, clear highlight, yellow highlight, pink highlight, orange highlight, green highlight, blue highlight, select all, pen-select, pen-draw, pen-draw text, user 1, pen-ellipse, pen-lift colour, convert to image, pen-erase, pen-line, pen-rectangle, pen-choose colour, size image sticky, pen-clear all, pen width 1, pen width 3, pen width 5, pen width 7, pen width 9, pen width 11, pen width 13, pen width 15, pen width 17, pen width 19, pen width 21, pen-arrow, set alarm, bullets, numbered paragraphs, lettered paragraphs, insert date, ontop, recurrence, lock, edit title, close, delete, rolled

Includes a Stack skin: No Scrollbar: No

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