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Stickies Skinner

Skinner screenshot Skinner

The Skinner application is what you use to create skins for Stickies. These are ways of changing the appearance, and the functionality of Stickies. The Skinner was developed in-house to create the default skin, and has been released to all to allow others to easily and quickly design and preview their ideas.

The file below includes the Skinner application itself, which is a single, stand-alone executable, a tutorial explaining how to create skins which walks you through your first skin, and the source files for the skin which comes with Stickies. There are many more skins which are available - click the above link to search for more skins, all of which can be changed to suit your preferences.

Skin files have a ssk extension. Internally they're zip files, renamed so that they can be associated with Stickies and easily loaded, but by changing the name from .ssk to .zip, the two files inside can be extracted, and loaded into the Skinner for modification, or to see how the skin has been put together.


What's new in Skinner v4.1.1 (June 18)

  • Bug fix: using capital letters in group names is now prevented, to avoid a problem
What's new in Skinner v4.10 (August 16)

  • Bug fix in skin language: vertical percentages were broken
  • Bug fix in skin language: 'light BG colour' was uninitialised in places
  • Bug fix in skin language: saving and loading vstrips based on scrollbar position
What's new in Skinner v4.00 (April 16)

  • UI overhaul: main dialog is resizable, all dialogs use Segoe UI
  • Elements are shown grey when not being drawn
  • Element groups, and mutiple layouts
What's new in Skinner v3.00 (June 14)

  • Can now choose title area tooltip text
  • New "dummy" action for doing nothing
  • Added "focus" to indicator types
  • More button actions to support new features in v8.0a
  • Stacks skinning support
What's new in Skinner v2.41 (November 10)

  • Can now paint onto the background of the text area
  • New "Tile area" element type
  • Support for v7 of the skinning language
  • Five more button actions to support new features in v7.1a
  • Fix: Save As now adds to the MRU list
What's new in Skinner v2.3 (March 10)

  • Magnifier tool window for source bitmap
What's new in Skinner v2.2 (Oct 09)

  • 43 new actions for v7 of Stickies
  • Pen colour in horizontal strip
  • Bug with radio buttons in strip dialogs fixed
What's new in Skinner v2.1 (Jul 08)

  • Loading a skin with a default colour sets that colour
  • Support for v5 of the skin language, which includes:
    • "No AA" option for text
    • Conditional display for indicators
    • Only one element ever has 'mouseover' set as true
    • New button actions: "open sticky context menu", "open text context menu" and "edit userstring1"
    The v5 skin language requires at least v6.7a of Stickies
What's new in Skinner v2.0 (Jan 08)

  • Skins support custom tooltip fonts
  • Wallpaper draw now always on as it's faster
  • You can drag and drop ssk and inis onto the dialog to open them
  • Creating a new element opens it for editing
  • MRU (most recently used) list
  • Only 'bitmap' type hstrip and vstrip areas are shown as a highlight on the source bitmap
  • Conditional elements now count as indicators in the text details
  • Buttons (actions) and bitmap (no actions) elements have different icons in the elements list
  • The element edit box position is now saved relative to the Skinner application, not the screen
  • Bug with choosing region/transparency color for the first time by altering only RGB values fixed
  • Sample creation date reads time format from system so is closer to what will be displayed in Stickies
  • Larger dialog
  • Support for v4 of the skin language, which includes:
    • Alpha-blended buttons, indicators and strips
    • Scrollbars
    • "Thumbtrack", "Specify", "Page up", "Page down", "Set as default style", "Apply Style X", "Send to FF X", image button actions
    • Elements can be drawn in any order
    • Elements can be conditionally drawn based on the size of the sticky
    • A default style for stickies can be specified in the skin
    • The font used for tooltips can be specified in the skin
    • %MODIFIED% text tag (requires v6.7a of Stickies)
    • Unicode titles (requires v7 of Stickies)
    • "Image" indicator (requires v7 of Stickies)
    The v4 skin language requires at least v6.5a of Stickies


Version details

Skin versionNew featuresSkinner versionStickies version
2Initial release1.006.0a
3"Toggle locked" action1.016.0b
4Alpha-blending, scrollbars, button actions, style suggestion, tooltip font, unicode titles2.006.5a
5No AA, conditional indicators, single mouseover, 3 new actions2.106.7a
637 new actions, pen colour in VStrips2.207.0a
7Paint on RTF background, tile area element, 5 new actions2.417.1a
820 new actions, title bar tooltip choice, 'last sent' text option, minimum width/height now 1, center of scrollbar position for buttons and vstrips, stack support, PNG images3.008.0a
9Groups, layouts4.009.0a
10Bug fixes4.109.0c


Download skinner.zip (661k)

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