Hide desktop icons away at the top of the screen

Auto Hide Toolbar lives as a thin strip along the top of your screen, and when the mouse moves over that strip, pops into view to show icons.

The colour of the hidden bar can be set to blend better into your wallpaper, and the appearance of the tiles when the bar is open can also be changed. Each icon can be set, and the tile can be set to launch as an elevated process. Once there are more tiles than fit onto one line (alter the tile size by using the cursor keys), a second line will automatically be added.

To run the app, simply put the exe somewhere it can write a local config file, and execute it. Then, add tiles for each of your desktop icons, to tidy them away neatly from view.

Example tile settings

Recycle Bin
Command: shell:RecycleBinFolder
Icon file: c:\windows\system32\SHELL32.dll
Index: 32

Command: c:\your\path\here
Icon file: c:\windows\system32\SHELL32.dll
Index: 4


v1.00 - September 2019

Initial release

v1.10 - November 2023

Text and icon alignment, single-click open

Download AHT