KB00008 - Can I pin Stickies to the desktop


I'd like to be able to "pin" stickies to the desktop so that when I choose "Show Desktop", all other windows are hidden, but I can still see stickies.


Not only is this not possible, but I'd not do this if it were! You're the person in charge of your computer, and when you issue commands, no application should decide it knows better than you and not obey! The "Show Desktop" command should do just that - show your desktop. Stickies are windows just like anything else, so when the command to Show Desktop is issued, that's exactly what should happen.


Many people issue this command with the Windows-D key press. Try Windows-M instead. This issues a "Minimize" command to all windows. Stickies don't minimize, so they do nothing, whereas most other applications can minimize and so disappear.

By the way, shift-Windows-M then brings the other windows back.