KB00010 - How to restore Stickies data from a backup


You will need to have a backup you've taken of the Stickies data file. In Stickies Settings, on the App tab, choose Restore. Browse to the backup file and click OK - but do be aware this will overwrite all your current data in Stickies!

Restoring from v8/v9 data files

If you have data from v8 or v9 (which will include the files stickies.ini and store.mdb) then you'll need to convert them to the v10 data file format prior to performing the restore.

In the Stickies install directory (which you can find in the About dialog) there's a tool to convert data files - called mdb2db.exe. Run this, click Open, and choose one of the data files from the v9 backup. Click Convert, and the tool will convert the data, writing a new file named stickies.db to the directory containing the older backup. The older files will not be changed.

Once complete, you'll be able to Restore the new file as described above under 'Restoring'.


If you'd like to look through a Stickies backup, you can do that with SSIT. That way you can look through your backups to see the data they contain, or just pick out one note from a backup.