KB00015 - Performing a manual or silent installation of Stickies

Manual install

If you'd like to install Stickies manually, it's a simple thing to do.

First you'll need to get the files which comprise Stickies. You can do this one of two ways:

To perform an install manually:

Silent install

This batch file will achieve pretty much the above - it also has provision for copying in a default stickies.db, so your users will get the settings defined in that as default, rather than the program default options:

set source=\\server01\installs\stickies set target=%ProgramFiles(x86)%\stickies md %target% copy /y "%source%\stickies.chm" "%target%" copy /y "%source%\stickies.exe" "%target%" copy /y "%source%\stickies.lnk" "%startup%" md "%appdata%\stickies" if exist "%appdata%\stickies\stickies.db" goto skip copy "%source%\stickies.db" "%appdata%\stickies" :skip "%startup%\stickies.lnk"