KB00058 - Error 1157 loading language.dll

'Missing' file

Since v4, Stickies has tried to load a language DLL every time it starts. Starting with v6.7a, if there is any problem during this process then the message "Error XXX loading language60.dll" is displayed, where XXX is the error code. Stickies then functions correctly, but this message appears every time Stickies is started.

Some users report that although they do not have this file on their system (as they're using Stickies with the default English UK language), this message still appears. The following codes are known:

If your code is other than this, please let me know so I can fix it for a future release.


To work around this problem until an updated version of Stickies is available, please download the 'dummy' English language DLL and put it into your Stickies install directory - which is likely to be "c:\program files\stickies".