KB00073 - Networking Stickies on Citrix or Terminal Server

Stickies networking will work within a Citrix or Terminal Server environment, with one caveat - it will need to run on just one server.

Rather than creating a mapping of workstation to user, which is how networking would normally work, instead map IP ports to users. For each user who needs to send and receive stickies, assign them a free port to listen on. I suggest you keep a record of which user is using which port. Perhaps put the list on a sticky :)

Then set up each user's copy of Stickies to use networking, and to listen on the port you've assigned to them.

In the Friends list (you might like to use the Stickies Server to help share this), set each user's address to be "localhost", and the user's port number, so it might look like this:

Tom has address localhost:56780
Sue has address localhost:56781
Ann has address localhost:56782
Ray has address localhost:56783

Then, when user Tom sends a sticky to user Sue, it will be send to localhost (the same server) and to port 56781 which is set for that user in her Options / Networking.

Of course, there's no reason that each instance of the app has to be on the one server, just so long as it's running at a known location. In a load-balanced environment, if Stickies is load balanced, it could be run on any of the load balanced servers, which is why for Stickies networking to function correctly, it must be running on a fixed address.