KB00079 - Customising the Stickies 'Add Border' function

Don't like shadows?

When you press 'b' in an image sticky, or choose the "Add Border" menu item, the sticky is given a shadow border on a white background. If you don't like this border, you can change it.

If you place a bitmap called borders.png into your Stickies data directory, when you next add a border it will be loaded and used. There is no need to restart Stickies.

The image above demonstrates the format the image should be in. A 32 pixel square is taken from the four corners of the bitmap and is applied to the four corners of the image sticky. Then, a 1 pixel border is striped along the our edges, and finally the original image is placed in the middle.

The white middle of the source bitmap is not visible in the final image.

Applying the custom border on the right to an image looks like this:

Thanks to www.freeimages.co.uk for the image - I remember these batteries from when I was a kid!

This means that if it was to your taste, saving this file to your Stickies data directory as borders.png would change the border to be a lot more elaborate. Thanks to CustomBusinessLogos.com for the inspiration for that one.