KB00086 - Error 53 loading language90.dll

This might happen with other DLL names as well with other versions of Stickies

When Stickies starts, it will look to see whether there's a language DLL it should use. This is how you use Stickies in another language - download a DLL which changes the user interface.

If you get the above error when you start Stickies, and you're using the default UK English, there might be an inaccessible location in your %PATH% environment variable.

You can read more about the Search Path used to locate a DLL, but the fastest solution is to edit your %PATH% (right-click your Computer icon, choose Properties, then click Advanced System Settings, and then click the Environment Variables button) to remove the entry which is no longer working.

Stephen Sherry provides a handy batch file which will work out whether any of your %PATH% entries are incorrect. Copy this into notepad and save it as a .bat file:

@echo off color 5F for %%P in ("%path:;=";"%") do ( IF EXIST %%P ECHO:EXISTS - %%P IF NOT EXIST %%P ECHO:EXISTS [x] - %%P ) @pause