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Copyright, licence and disclaimer

Stickies is freeware. You may use this software on any number of computers for as long as you like, and you don’t have to pay a penny. There are no crippled features for registered users only, no time delays and no stupid nag screens.

All that said, Stickies is not public domain software. I allow the free distribution of the software, but I retain ownership and copyright of the software and its source code in its entirety.

You may use and/or distribute this software only subject to the following conditions:

While every care has been taken to ensure that Stickies is safe, non-destructive and will not lose your data, you use this product entirely at your own risk. The author will not be held responsible or liable for any damages resulting from your use, misuse, or inability to use this product.

If you do not agree with this disclaimer or the above conditions of use, you should not use this product.


Stickies runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. Earlier versions of Windows are no longer supported. For those OS, try an older version of Stickies.


Stickies is freeware; you may download and use the program at home and at the office without charge. If however you would like to show your appreciation, the PayPal logo on the top banner is provided to assist you with that :) Thank you!


If you're upgrading from v8 or v9 of Stickies, all you need to do is close Stickies down, and run the setup program above. All your notes and settings are automatically imported by the later version. If you're running v7 or earlier, first upgrade to v9.0e, and then to v10.

Note that when v10 first runs, your earlier data file format will be saved to the v10 format, and then the v9 data files renamed (appended with .converted) rather than deleted. There is no conversion route from v10 data back to v9 data.

For further configuration details, and full instructions for the program, read the help. If you get really stuck, get in touch


In order to use Stickies in another language, download one of the files below. Each zip file contains a single file called language101.dll. Put this into the same directory as stickies.exe (probably c:\Program Files (x86)\stickies), and restart Stickies for all the menus, messages and dialogs to be translated to that language.

Chinese (simplified)Arnold Chang154k
Chinese (traditional)Arnold Chang155k
CzechTomáš Nosek157k
DutchBruno Willems156k
FrenchLaurent Grenet156k
GalicianJulio Mojón156k
GermanEdgar Hoffmann156k
HungarianBalázs Zoltán157k
ItalianFrancesco Orazi157k
Hebrewרון וולך157k
JapaneseYuki Saeki155k
Portuguese (Brazilian)Fabio Mangolini156k
RussianOleg Zhdanov157k
SerbianFilip Starcevic157k
SlovenianAlojz Rakovec156k
SpanishJulio Mojón157k

(A note about translations - it is possible to create a translated DLL yourself using third party tools. However - please don't start translation work without checking in first. Someone else might already be doing the work for your language, and translations in DLLs can't be used for future versions. Working with the Stickies translation tool means the work you help with can be re-used in the future.)