Creating skins

Changing the look of notes

The Skinner application is how to create skins for Stickies. These are ways of changing the appearance, and the functionality of Stickies. The Skinner app was developed in-house to create the default skin, and has been released to all to allow others to easily and quickly design and preview their ideas.

The file below includes the Skinner application itself, which is a single, stand-alone executable, along with a tutorial explaining how to create skins, that will walk you through your first skin, and also the source files for the skin which comes with Stickies. There are many more skins which are available - click the above link to search for more skins, all of which can be edited to suit your preferences.

Skin files have a ssk extension. Internally they're zip files, renamed so that they can be associated with Stickies and easily loaded, but by changing the name from .ssk to .zip, the two files inside can be extracted, and loaded into the Skinner for modification, or to see how the skin has been put together and change it.


v4.31 (March 22)

v4.3 (May 21)

v4.2 (September 19)

v4.1.1 (June 18)

v4.10 (August 16)

v4.00 (April 16)

v3.00 (June 14)

v2.41 (November 10)

v2.3 (March 10)

Skin language version details

Skin versionNew featuresSkinner versionStickies version
2Initial release1.006.0a
3"Toggle locked" action1.016.0b
4Alpha-blending, scrollbars, button actions, style suggestion, tooltip font, unicode titles2.006.5a
5No AA, conditional indicators, single mouseover, 3 new actions2.106.7a
637 new actions, pen colour in VStrips2.207.0a
7Paint on RTF background, tile area element, 5 new actions2.417.1a
820 new actions, title bar tooltip choice, 'last sent' text option, minimum width/height now 1, center of scrollbar position for buttons and vstrips, stack support, PNG images3.008.0a
9Groups, layouts4.009.0a
10Bug fixes4.109.0c
11Six new actions4.2010.0a
12Bulk select border, "selected" condition, 8 new actions4.3010.1a

To help warn users about incompatible features in a skin, each skin has a version number (as above) as part of the data file. If a user tries to use a skin created recently in an older version of Stickies, they'll receive a warning that the skin may not function correctly.

The skin versions written by Skinner, and the version of Stickies required to fully support all features possible in that skin are shown in the table above.