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Stickies FAQ

I need technical help!
Go to the Knowledge Base and search for a word or two which describes your problem.

Are you planning a version of Stickies for the Mac/Linux/BeOS/iSeries?
No. Stickies is a Windows program. If I had a Mac, maybe I'd look into coding my version of Stickies for it, but even if I did, it's taken me long enough to learn how to write for Win32, let alone working out an entirely new windowing coding API. Like it or not, Windows is the most prevalent desktop OS in the world.

Of course, if you own a Mac, then you'll know that there's already a similar application on your machine, also called Stickies. That one was written by Jens Alfke, and was using the name "Stickies" long before I did.

Why don't you publish your code, and make Stickies open source?
I spend a lot of time writing and supporting Stickies. I don't require money for any of that, so I am rewarded in other ways. One of these is knowing that Stickies is my creation, and any success it enjoys is down wholly to me. You've got the binary for free! Besides, if anyone ever saw my coding style I'd be embarrassed :)

Can I put a link on my web site to Stickies?
Of course you can! If you get a moment, drop me a line and let me know - it would be nice to see your site! I don't tend to put reciprocal links on the Stickies site though I'm afraid - people come to the site for Stickies, not to see a list of links to what would be essentially be random web sites around the world.

I'd like to publish Stickies on a magazine CDROM/write an article about it
By all means, you're welcome to distribute Stickies, unchanged of course. A credit would be nice, and what would be even nicer is if you drop me a line to let me know. I've a small but growing collection of newspapers and magazines which feature Stickies, and it's something I'm proud of. It all helps motivate me to keep updating and improving Stickies. If the publication is not distributed in the UK, if there's some way of getting hold of a copy, that would be useful to know.

Can I pay for a custom version of Stickies which uses a corporate skin and colours?
By using the skin designer, you can create your own skin which conforms to your requirements. Use a GPO on a corporate network to enforce usage of this skin.

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