Stickies Skins

Skins change the way that notes look, and the buttons available. To create your own skin, use Stickies Skinner


by sooyke

Date: 12/11/2009
Downloads: 10120


The concept of NightShade is to swith to the skin if an editor is required.You can swith back to the normal skin with the red arrow button.

Roll-up will reduce the whole skin to the icon which is actually used as button.
When rolled-up the icon can be moved using the gray area ,clicking on the black "document" part will unroll it again.
Please check the traymenu options/general "roll up position is different from unrolled" option which is very usefull.

The title will be displayed in roll-up mode if the button left of the icon is marked.

The red curly arrow in the lower part will change the skin to the default set in options/appearance.

The highlight pens are enabled using the button with 4 coloured points under the close button.

My thanks and gratitude to DaH Lia and xnHang00 for showing me the way to the art of Zen and graygradient!


version 19
added : message send ok indication

added text larger smaller buttons
two buttons to open manager window,one hidden above the arrows for larger text and one in rolled up mode hidden in the left upper corner .

There is a usefull option in options/general :rolled stickies have different position to unrolled.

If you have comments please visit stickies forum :

there is a thread devoted to nightshade under skinning

reported problems:

Freezing of display and high cpu usage when using opacity settings and iconizing or roll-up.Do not use opacity on nightshade or any other "complex sticky skin" till a solution is found.

more info on the forum: