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Thunderstorm Reloaded 2016

by Cynthia

Date: 30/05/2016
Downloads: 46892
Includes stack skin: Yes


This skin works correctly only with Stickies v9.0 or later, and it works best with Windows 7 or later OS.

This skin, along with some of its buttons, owes its existence to the Thunder Storm Media Center located at Elements of this skin were created using drawing and text tools in Stickies,, Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Word, and the Stickies Skin Designer (v4.00) at Zhorn Software. Fonts include Microsoft's Tahoma, Verdana, Georgia, Lucida Handwriting, and Segoe UI. Several buttons were created using Material Design icons at

This skin is dedicated to all in the Stickies ecosystem -- the dedicated Stickies creator and developer, Tom Revell, the numerous contributors from around the world, and the individuals, vast in number worldwide, who love using Stickies.

TSR2016: Overlaying the center of the date is an invisible button (User 1) which toggles between the creation date and the modified date of the note. Another invisible button, sound alarm, is found when mousing over the upper left corner of the skin. On a rolled note the roll down button is found in the upper right corner of the envelope.

The User 2 and User 3 buttons affect the appearance of the rolled note. There is a choice -- black envelope, red envelope, or the default bicolored black and silver envelope.

Wishing you enjoyment of this remake which includes: a new bitmap, a stack skin, redesigned buttons, new buttons, and new indicators.